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anatomy and physiology of the urinary system are first consid-
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course of nature the golden bonds of existence should be gently
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as one who has studied specially and minutely the diseases of the
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and caused to disappear entirely or to hecome shriveled up.
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of the inguinal ganglia. The mass is well shown in Fig. 3. It
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from some admixed body, for the differences between the
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Dr. 11. L. Taylor thought that, if rest and protection were se-
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the realm of coincidence entirely. The fact that the lessening
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tissue fat formed from the proteids, would shield the tissue fat
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which ceased after one attack (very rare). 2. Cases which lasted for
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freer access to the nasal cavities and the nasopharynx. Pos-
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F. R. C. S., M. Ch. (Hod.) Roy. Univ. I., etc. London : J. & A. Churchill,
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Before attempting to explain ttese cases, a clear idea of
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position. Carving too much material away would produce a
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appendages began to appear in the medical press, the num-
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of the room, and digested raw fibrin very noticeably in five
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times a member of the committee, since by means of his
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that menstruation both times was not natural, but ceased
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speaking, the first injunction had some chance of being carried
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may conveniently divide them into those who have only
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leaving a slight film or coat on the glass with a more or less
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in walking with the portative traction splint applied the dis-
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tical treatment, which was invigoration to the point of ability
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its tense expanse will rupture only too readily under the sudden impact
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With the removal of the cause the symptoms gradually sub-
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'homsH h Bi)hnt applied with patten and crutchew (after Robert
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aforesaid Holmes ; because his unfinished work shall have been
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organism in (juestion was one of those that produced empyema,
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spasm of the muscles, so long as that spasm remains present.
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In the other insitance no attempt was made to empty the
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Dr. Le Fevre said the explanation might be found in tlie
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pation revealed an elongated mass, upon which nodules could be
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He made a scries of control experiments by sterilizing the dust and
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to convince myself positively by the above-mentioned cri-
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the uterus, giving full histories of tlie case^ observed by himself.
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18th. — Since the 15th there has been a marked afternoon
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ministered every third day during nearly the whole of her con-
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with every nook of the dwelling, from basement to roof, and on their