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a minimum; it would be less than the mortality following

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and the impaction of foreign bodies, we can readily appre-

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play an important part in the causation of vulvar deformi-

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dition above described. Puins occurred about every twenty-

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prolap-se, he had found on arrival a red or semi-purple mass

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would do well to communicate with Editor of the Journal.

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atrophic symptoms. The mental depression which had be«n

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understood, it will be best to report first some of my expe-

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her, but attacks very closely resembling angina pectoris have

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tion ; Hudson, N. J., County .Medical Society (Jersey City); Andro-

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As soon as she left the hospital the patient felt that she was

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president appointed as the members of this committee Dr.

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acid solvines of Kinschmann. Red blood-corpuscles were dis-

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watery solution, and dissolves easily in warm water and in

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An Instantaneous Light.— Such in a word is the unique apparatus on exhibi-

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spreading eczema and develops with great deliberation into an intense

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Berliu N. W., Neustadtische Kirclistrasse 12; Gottstein, Breslau ; A.

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credit the author with truthfulness. One point in this pamphlet

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structure, although prolapsed. Like Dr. Starr, the speaker had

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To Contributors and Correspondents. — The attention of all who purpose

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certain nerves appeared to have upon the heart was a very in-

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was found to have complete right hemiplegia, and at about the

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familiar, the congress is adjourned and all is finished. The

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which should be made, and even then the liability was great of

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attacks of peritonitis had complicated the comparatively easy

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annual meeting will he held in Albany on Tuesday, Wednesday, and

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ideal. The softening effects of the warm vapor on the air-

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per cent. H, and 0-9616 gramme COa =: 4903 per cent. C.

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was neutralized with a moderately strong solution of sodium

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strictures a not altogether new but decidedly important

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tries to prove (Centralblatt fiir Chirurgie, No. 25. 1889)