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ally from our own, except that some stress is laid upon ter-
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from metfldiphtheritic paralysis, where the diagnosis would rest
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douches, was the most actively stimulating. The first principles
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thing as bearing young one is built up, it is part of the outlay for
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likely to provoke pain and other undesirable conditions,
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The use of the term chronic endometritis for this condition
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belladonna. The beverages should not be iced and the food
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properly trained persons, with due regard to the physician's
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whooping-cough. This condition had no doubt resulted from
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into the injured eye night and mornicg and the use of one fif-
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current volame, I inclose references to the bulk of the publica-
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fell. A much smaller but very deep slough also formed simul-
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catarrh, besides such irritative factors as tumors, hypertro-
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these figures must represent the fullest capacity of the
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the use of the phonograph as an acoumeter, and suggest a standard
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To his family we offer our sincere sympathy and respectful condolence.
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incision should be made in the mesial line between the um-
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Health's " Monthly Bulletin," the total number of deaths reported
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The good wishes, support, and aid of the medical profes-
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free alkali it will show itself by a yellowish discoloration where the
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E. Fridenberg ; and a memorial of the late Dr. David C. Cocks, by Dr.
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esting cases which were cured by this drug in from four to
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it as a result of its own inability to withstand the shock, but
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were carried out, if some suitable building were obtained in
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sulphate of atropine, or about a sixtieth of a grain. This I in-
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a minute and a half the bottle is warm enough for drink-
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yet been examined to ascertain the presence of any other cal-
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less importance. We talk of inherited gout in instances
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from each State, for the purpose of taking into consideration the
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Early in the summer I designed a reclining chair for her,
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Bellevue ! We know that the many warm friends of that College
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In using the electric endoscope of Leitcr I have been
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which the blood-vessels, nerves, and lymphatics reach the
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tion splint in walking lifts the affected leg, traction is made
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parasitic origin which are marked by a hyperplasia of the epidermis,
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