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were not unmindful of the immense benefits conferreil upon

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nized the fact that a successful administration, in the full

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rate in the Indian Army was 69 per 1000 per annum. The average

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The memorial Hospital at Scranton. — It has been authoritatively

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Failing in these measures, Dr. Ranson Introduced a trocar and

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the sharp or dull curette. As to acute inflammation of the

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cut up to a size which will readily permit the passage of an

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College, etc. Fifth Edition, revised and enlarged. With

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The Lancet refers to the deaths of infants in London, oc-

what is elocon mometasone furoate cream used for

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Hamilton, Surgeon-General of the Marine-Hospital Service, and pub-

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adherent to the vertebral column. Superiorly the coils of the

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ment with gastric juice or dilute hydrochloric acid. The

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of the skin. One of the properties of the water is that it forms

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gestion ; and (4) those rare cases in which pregnancy has been

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not cut as badly as a sharp one, and when a small or superficial cut

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four per cent, of ruptures occurred ordinarily, l)y taking twenty

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eral invalidism. On admission to Dr. Gardner's private hospiial

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A hoarseness had come on at that time — a week after the patient

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mond (Stapleton), N. Y. ; Penobscot, Me., County Medical Society

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eight eggs hatched, the remaining ten being either unimpregnated or

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first one officially recognized and possessed of a regular organi-

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aft'airs, and its members have shown an unmistakable tendency

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also said sometimes to give off a similar odor, but the author has

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Diseases in the University of Vienna. Translated by Gardner W. Allen,

what is mometasone furoate ointment used for

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that tax our resources. A few years ago the answer would

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does not throw away all safeguards, as will be plainly recog-

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or secondary haamorrhage in these operations, the known re-

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ment behind. Hseraorrhage into dropsical follicles is secondary

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The first ray of light upon this dark scene (referring to the de-

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four years old had had attacks of epilepsy. At the age of seven-

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