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that there was any hope of future improvement in this last case.
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their course unchecked. A daily nasal syringing with a
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Oayla, " Esthiomene de la vulve, forme tuberculo-ulc^reuse."
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have been using this preparation and have always found it
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The following case, occurring in the practice of the
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break of an intense red upon the general integument which lasts from
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bronchiti.s, in which she had great difficulty in expectorating,
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physicians of eminence agree in their testimony as to the
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tissues in older syphilitics, and usually in persons of the
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the skin, as it causes a swelling of the corneous cells and their too
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good opportunity to examine the .whole mastoid cavity during
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ing sleep the cough is absent. He prefers lying on left side
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bone was not replaced, twists of catgut were inserted for drains,
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micturition had persisted, but the child had walked within eight
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it is, by circum-uterine exudation, rarely, if ever, demands
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somewhat modified by the special characteristics of the mam-
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was drawn off, mixed with alcohol until it could be easily
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dermoid growth — and the indications at once alter. Careful
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tine. The discoverer is making further investigation", the re-
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wall would at first seem to indicate that it did not cause the
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here present at least a dozen of you from whom I myself have
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it is methyl acetanilide — a derivative of the aromatic series,
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Dr. O. D. PoMEROT had noticed that there had been a larger
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only the approbation of the Academy, but also administrative
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get along wuthout the aid of a physician to care for the poor and
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lent vulvo-vaginal inflammation so frequently seen in children.
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of the City of New York as attending surgeon and instructor in ortho-
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contrary, should the medical officer find on experience that civil life has
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bers of the profession 7eho send us information of matters of interest
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pains yielded somewhat to heat and frictions. As emaciation
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Headaches: Theih Xature, Causes and Treatment. By Wil-
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tion of the urethra is necessarily overlooked — a portion
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classed together. Now, it must be granted that the geo-
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Societies of the Counties of Delaware (semi-annual) and Rensselaer,
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ovarian operations there had been only two deaths; one of
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entire extent. A current of 50 to 150 milliampferes, for seven to fifteen
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at the Nightingale Home at St. Thomas's Hospital ; and no town