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of treating endometritis, while for the treatment of fibroid tumors one

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exudations were with difficulty thrown into spasm. Thus, in

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but is to be replaced by ether when complete aniBsthesia is re-

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sults have been admirable, still a number of failures have re-

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no tympanites. In the transverse colon there was a firm mass

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public proceedings of the London meeting, which will be held

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Please favor me with a reply to this circular, and signify your in-

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port of shipment, like that of Bordeaux is of remarkably uniform

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health, and if any special lesion existed, this was corrected as

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small-pox. The health officer then became aware of the im-

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The thick medullated nerves from the head of certain fishes,

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diagnosis according to the subseguent course of the disease.

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in this case, besides its typical history, was its amenability

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Lea. Since this, then, i.s the condition of the water which the

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In the discu^sion at the New York Academy of Medicine

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neal, the external iliac or lumbar operation is to be pre-

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during gestation was unusually profuse for a primipara. The

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in behalf of the lazy, stupid-looking child, who has frequent

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The second stage would consist in merely trimming, and

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tween the hard and soft ])alates. This it had been necessary to

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treated by Strict Antiseptic Methods ; Recovery.— Dr.

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female genitals, and, though they do not use Huguier's ap-

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stage of metabolism often called primary external digestion,

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Dr. Geo. W. Long, Chairman of Section on Practice of Medicine

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are in a lamentably low sanitary condition, and first class quacks

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to the end of eliminating this pumping action at the joint,

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