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ist together, or only in part: Brief malaise, headache, chill,

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twenty-four, suffering from a similar hypertrophy of the clitoris,

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Jarvis, Nathan S., First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon. By direc-

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terly — Utica), Ontario (quarterly), Rensselaer, and Tioga (quarterly

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tion of the heart by reflex action of the pneumogastric nerve.

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held himself aloof from contemporaneous scientific progress;

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of her town whose name was Jean Louis Philippe, had murdered his

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means of the cystoscope, in the bladder of a lithiieinio subject.

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20th, 10.30 A. if.— Pulse, 92 ; temperature, 100° : rash fad-

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cases in the course of an investigation as to the applicability of

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tember 30th 1882. By Authority. Lansing : W. S. George &

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sieve, and, after standing twenty-four hours, collected in a