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that the commotion excited by the maturation of ovules, not only
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of births, and of deaths of persons dying with diseases dangerous
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tim to what may be called the cacoethes pmscribendi, and sent for
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in the fields. When we first saw this woman and sent her to the
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Fig. 1. — Showine hypertrophy of the right uyinpha and peri-
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discerning new facts and suggesting new methods in clinical experience.
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other headaches. The proportion of subjects of migraine
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first examined him, I regarded it as cancerous and never had any
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detailed account, however, is given of only eighty-seven
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* Read at the annual meeting of the American Physiological Society,
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should all be carefully ascertained, and in some cases it will be neces-
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which has an evening exacerbation, may continue from two
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and a fuller knowledge of the bacteria will explain many of the
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hours after the operation, he got out of bed and went to the
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plaints were pitiable in the extreme, and yet liave detect-
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small furrows. It was ablated, and the woman left cured.
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The operation occupied a little over two hours, the ap-
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tricts sell this apparatus, and tc have them weigh the chil-
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presents a distinct notch resembling the hilum of the spleen. The
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that of the head, which oscillated to and fro when he was stand-
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analgesic properties. It is also said to be decidedly diaphoretic.
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ask for its revision ; therefore, that the American Medical Associa-
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edition, any points in review can bo safely left to an examina-
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plasters, salves, and pastes. In some cases in which the skin is abnor-
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or subsequently were proved to be fertile, failed to breed with cer-
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itary Science in 1877, "I want strongly to enforce that it is upon
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against the rigid hygiene and exact dosage you direct.
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vaseline should be substituted for the lotion, painted on with a brush
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This accident is due to the congestion of the vocal cords,
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and of the chlorides. Like the ordinary mode of administering
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greatest benefit and comfort to the patient, regulating the pains, mod-