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afflict mankind, deceive and rob the poor and ignorant. For

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It has a Root which is fmall and Fibrous , and perifhes

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In his profession he kept fully abreast with the times,, and

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Skin , which bows down before it is ready to blow ,

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gone home) I wanted to ask him who was back of the defense

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Terms, it expels Wind, (Lengthens and fortifies the

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Jacinth. The Root of this is whiter than the former,

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Leaves grow on the Stalk in Rundle s j and the Stalk

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which a quarter part of Spirit of Wine is firft added*

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the hopeful type, ever feeling they are going to get well.

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produce considerable discomfort. Alopecia and other dermatoses

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Orleans Volunteer Infantry. Dr. Avery was appointed Surgeon

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being fcarcely able to bland upright ; on which grow

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that if it is mixed with Salt and Bran, and given to

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mirably ftrengthens the Bowels, and is good againft

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were we able to pass the stomach-tube, due to his marked asthenia

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inefficient. If, however, the patient with the large clot in his