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paratively poor in milk sugar, a part of which (from one-third to
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matism was all but abandoned. Other remedies besides bleeding
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power of destroying many minute organisms. It thus consists with
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which enters the human system in various ways. The spread of
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small pox. This process, it was found, modified the disease, rendered
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water and milk may l>e tried. The following powders arc excellent
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Antipyretics. — Antipyretics are remedies which antagonize feb-
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It is situated in the front part of the pelvic basin, and when distended,
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findings leaves little or no doubt as to the nature of the trouble. When
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cells is not involved at this early period of infiltration, and the articu-
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arsenic alone I cannot speak so positively, but I believe that it forms
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crises ; while those who possess a weakly and nervous organization
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in diagnosis is an abnormal sound of the heart or murmur, and yet
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an effect directly opposite from what it has when used in health or
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prone to scrofula. Such children always feel the cold, and hover
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nightdress and other clothing should be drawn up under the arms.
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a relapse. In some cases complete recovery is retarded and such
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kidney is not oftener involved than it is, for, acting as the important elimi-
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considerable reputation at the present time for consumptive patients.
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ing is recognized by the contracted condition of the pupils of the eye
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troubles which grow out of our intense activities, our struggles to
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ing, previously healthy, but now compensatorily hypertrophied, organ, thus
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There are two recognized methods of removal. One i- by corrosive
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gout, while it is increased in the chronic forms of the disease accom-
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pains. It may be accompanied by tenderness of the epigastric
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Hsdmatoporphyrinuria. — Among conditions which are characterized
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or even fluctuation, if j)us has formed. In these conditions the case
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Caries or decay of the teeth is a common affection, and causes
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2. Rings of white fibrous tissue which surround and form the
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out of all proportion with the physical signs that are afforded by
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thoroughly skilled in the practical application of medical electricity.
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tion after the method practised by Scriba of Tokio.
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The breathing is labored and attended by wheezing ; the expression
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Dr. Edward Delafield, former president of the College.
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the nucleus containing deeply staining granules, and with mitotic figures quite
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(Albrecht and Gohn, Duerck, Hamdi). Herzog,^ however, finds the hyaline
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It is evident that the amount of muscular labor must be care-
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and to subtract it from the total amount of fluid which the patient
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lie invigorated and established upon a solid foundation by whole-
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its excretion by the skin has naturally been looked upon as a thing
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kidneys are found differing as markedly as do the clinical manifestations.