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lesions have been discovered in the medulla in exophthal-
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incision, and the skin and muscles were lifted together from the
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raucous membrane. Deprived of its normal watery con-
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save; some India-rubber periniieums no speed can tear; but
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pulse. Pericardial adhesions also form a great source of danger.
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they interfere with the function of the nose, are removed
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dack wild woods may be taken hopefully as an entering wedge
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It remains to speak of epilejjtic madness apart from the attacks.
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Coma is a much more common ending of diabe!es than is often
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I regret to say, the subjects of diet, hygiene, and more me-
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ease unless some functional or structural change is brought
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number, and with loud denunciations he spurned as triflers and
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body usually averages an inch and a quarter to an inch and
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should he avoided as only introducing an element of danger into
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by recommendations both in this country and in England that
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both specimens the site of rupture was clearly defined.
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upon ranged from five to seventy years. No deaths had oc-
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ferent conditions ; it may be unperceived in the midst of other suppura-
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Enucleation of Tuberculous Glands. By Thomas W^. Kay, M. D.,
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holds the suboxide in solution, and this verv much improves
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<li'r lupus, as far as possible, on a morphological basis.
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mate, 3 ij to a gallon of water ; a second solution containing chlorinated
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but behind and within the limits of the intraperitoneal ad-
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the elastic fibers of the skin, with thinning of the skin, but without
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care, but safe when these factors enter into it. In a large pro-
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[that of illustrating Dr. Senn's method of intestinal anastomosis]
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condition of our profession it is false. Were only good men and
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Students and Practitioners, By Elias H. Bartley, B. .S., M. D., Professor
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their insolubility in caustic alkali._ This difference in be-
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nothing came before the Board of Health that was not a medi-
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written on the face of heaven in the indestructible laws of nature.
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erative procedure, with or without an anfesthetic, upon the
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abling the Board of Health to promote the well being of the
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any urinary examination, some two weeks after the injury,
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and of a decidedly nervous habit. Urine contains a trace of