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we were forced to the position that in the treatment of all acute
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that a detailed description would be superfluous. Suffice
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the potassic or sodic tartrate renders the copper solution
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Grocers' Hall, May 30th, 1883. — London Athenctum.
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haps a not infrequent imbiber of cocktails during business
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tion of normal vocations before recuperation was thor-
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speech ; but it must be proved that the pessary in its relation
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journal, the Medical Magazine, has been started on what we
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stages ; first of all an aura, that is to say, a trouble of sensibility,
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and pathology of disease. The important additions include de-
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the disease be brought to our shores prior to the time when the
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tied with a surgeon's knot near the central opening, leaving the
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— those without anil those having a well-defined mesentery.
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tected there upon careful examination. After being treated by
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Dr. Stakr expressed himself as ttioroughly in sympathy
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people by preventing future encroachments of corporations and
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times, and at first the operator must bo well satisfied if the gain
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and feelings in a degree not inferior to the corporeal de-
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liuc. The appenilix was tied at its junction with the intestine
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treme abdominal and vaginal tenderness, indicated bleeding and
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Having noticed this little volume previously, we have little to add,
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the Board. Request was made at the same time that they should
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and dilatations even under an amount of distension certain-
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mass was pushed away, the parts became so rigid that no informa-
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Within a year I have removed lead deposits from a cornea,
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structed. In other cases the patient can breathe through
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enough to cause the plaster to adhere to the flesh), is applied while
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wash out the pleura, using a warm solution of iodine, but never
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The Surgical Treatment of Erysipelas.— By invitation.
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established. Suppuration once developed and an abscess
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to be very sick. These would present well-marked physical
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woman in every five or six possesses a wandering kidney.
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this step would do much, if anything, toward the prevention of