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cause diarrhea and are not merely associated and unrelated.

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gram. In patients with only mild synovitis or malaise, anti-

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and the Assembly. Both groups have attempted to begin an

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of the eyeballs were good. Vision was good. His sensibility

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of bile acids to dietary fiber components in the intestine.

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from the thymus, differing so much in colour (cxxv) from what

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for one month, with permission to apply for an exten-

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poultry, soups and gravies made from these foods, contain

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had become expanded not a drop of blood ran down into the

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A3*412. — ( 1 ) Obtain sheep's blood in the slaughter house as aseptically ^

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knee-jerks were absent. The functions of the bladder and

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(cxLix.) The spleen is said to be wanting in two or three cyclosto-

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32. McC. Boyle D. Barber JM, Walsh MJ, Shivalingappa E,

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four years ago this arrangement gave place to a pumping system, water

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case been more exactly localised than in this one. In most

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Jourdan, torn, i, p. 511. ^ Annales des Sciences Natiirelles, Oct.

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formerly been heard. The cough also was much better, and

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(b) Osteoarthritis — Osteoarthritis, or degenerative joint

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** Anatomic Generale, tr. par Jourdan, 8vo, Edin. 1840.

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Tables and Illustrations — Tables must be typewritten, double-

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plans. HSA is an outgrowth of a series of now-familiar an-

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* Philosophical Magazine' cited below,'' I know not how this setting

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There generally has been a favorable reaction to MSNJ's

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to be oily) I concluded that these in the human serum, when

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chest and the force of his breath. Suddenly he felt a pain

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tended to, when we draw inferences from the proportions of

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account of sickness. October 12th, October 20th and

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40. Baker RM. Waters JM Jr: Use of general-duty ambulance as

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script (such as statistical data or special photographs).

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inst., to the U. S. S. "Lancaster," as the relief of Med-

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sort of an acknowledgment (though an awkward one) of my

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Finally, an endeavour has been made as far as possible to exclude

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be traced. Nor can the finger feel with any clearness the

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stomach cancer in both sexes, and invasive cancer of the

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culties of feeding are for a considerable time very trying and

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form an operation for disease of similar nature and situation

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been used in these experiments, and almost all the observa-

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cope properly with the problems of the terminally ill in a

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gether by the comparatively low pressure upon them at the