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disease for three years, she, after an attack of elytritis, observed
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an ideal one, and therefore deals with ideal mothers who
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The Chairman' spoke of a case at present under his care.
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Surgery) ", New York Ophthalmological Society (private) ; New York
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demics the majority have occurred in the northern countries
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be bound to the foreign country from which the said leper shall
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themselves, But here we come face to face with a gr«a1 difficulty^
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By George A. Otis, Surgeon U. S. A., and D. L. Huntington,
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day by day, the temperature being sometimes very high, some-
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ploded theories on the use of virus for vaccination, and this pamphlet
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consider as the normal dilatability of the urethra, or, in
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carbohydrates. After reviewing the chief factors concerned in
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the heart and many other genuine inhibitions. Heidenhain
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of the United States Navy for the tivo weeks ending February 1, 1S90 :
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who, from heredity and environment, seem likely to become
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mechanical treatment, and the object of his brace was to trans-
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iner. Limitations of the field were found in optic atrophy and
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These syniptoms, according to Jaocoud, appear usually in the
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writer's name and addrtss, not necessarily for publication. \o at-
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tions are to be observed: (1) when a manuscript is sent to this jour-
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Syrup of yerba santa is growing in popularity as a vehicle for
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heard here, to-day, of the statement of the absence of societies
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came home from school last evening feeling unwell and with
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of Joints, by Dr. A. M. Phelps ; A Statistical Paper on Club-foot, by
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and, in some instances, of a nature supposed to be malignant.
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and has changed for the better. Remedies now in the medicine-box
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After thorough irrigation with sterilized hot water the incision
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the mouth were now known to be. Treatment consisted in
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years old on the third day of an attack, which proved to have
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little understood subject. It is practical, well written, and well
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doubts the explanation which first was mentioned bv Ricliet,