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You will also find gelsemium of great value in the treat-

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shortening, the knee had given him no great inconveuience

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Secretaries of medical societies will confer a favor by keeping us in-

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sary to make more than one opening. He agreed with Mr.

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scalp and bone ; in three of the cases there were post-mortem

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weigh a pound more than a healthy child of the same age. Did

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in excess of genesis. The natural tendency of the overfeeding of

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form, which we have also frequently used. The various

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the patient must be fed by means of the oesophageal tube

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for the former and catgut for the latter. In most of the cases union

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medico-legal examination, he was pronounced insane, and transferred

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both Eustachian tubes face each other. .Joacliim concludes that the

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When the incision was made the tumor projected immediately,

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the form of a solution. I have been carrying the tablets for

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and catgut in juniper-oil or alcohol. For daily office use>

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death rate from zymotic diseases, which had been 4-15 and 3'38

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separated a large chancroidal ulcer was seen extending from the

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sive perspiration and tremor. This latter symptom Charcot

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Medico-historical Society (private — anniversary) ; New York Acade-

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observation of oculists only, before this society devoted to

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fear that nature would expel the child if I lingered, I hastily ap-

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Buffalo), Genesee (semi-annual — Batavia^, Greene (quarterly), Jef-

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in the kidney and amyloid changes. Feuter states that he

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ly, that sudden death occurred even after recovery from the

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feeblement which effects especially the memory, is the more marked

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upon the peri-fibromatous capsule — in other words, positive lympho-

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unfavorable symptoms due to the electricity. So far as Dr.

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Experience also has shown that these sutures have no

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3. That subsequent disturbances of circulation in the

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trophied (for in the normal state they did not protrude be-

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to take part in amusements with boys of his own age. The ill-