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lepsy differed much in its results in dispensary and in private

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respondents asking for information that ice are capable of giving,

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and reports thirteen cases of the most varied character, in all of

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must have been at that time larger and also when impreg-

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Dr. A. L. LooMis said it was quite ditlicult to discuss such

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Meeting called to order by Dr. A. B. Pierce, President.

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supplies furnished the Government since the establishment of

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Dr. George Kirkpatrick, of La Ilarpe, III., wrote me

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before when she was eating walnuts. Nothing could be de-

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irritants which had been used. It was thought that an ill-de-

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dictions, the only possibility of rendering them effective would

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the nomenclature of the diseases we are considering.

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can best be termed toxic erythemata. According to Iloffa,

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believe, then, that inflammation in and about the hip

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the instant he received the above information, viz: on the 10th Jan-

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tugging was absent the pressure had been elsewhere or the aneu-

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Hand-Book of the Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases of

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part of the abdomen had become very tender spontaneously and

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The report was adopted, and the recommendations of Dr.

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An Instantaneous Light.— Such in a word is the unique apparatus on exhibi-

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Health, as Coroner's physician, should be expected to make paste

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tore under a strain of seventy to seventy-five pounds.

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tion. The respiration is weakened, shallow, and often of a

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