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sisted by the internal use of the waters at the same time.

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triturates of the hundredth potentiality in his waist-

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the fluid passes to the body by sparks, which produce a decided sensation

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A. Identic findings from blood and peritoneal fluid: B + P

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lernian school, that the white wines agree best with the sto-

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States. The whole plants in the different species, has a grateful aro-

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perhaps of opium, which might tend to retard or prevent vomiting. In

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only one; as, besides a small proportion of v^olatile oil and acrid resifi, §

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general rule as to the use of opium holds good ; but, as the stomach is

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as irritant poisons. The local effects of the chalybeates, applied exter-

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the sp, gr. of about 0,712 ; but, as directed In our ofiicinal code, it has i|

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mately incorporated as it were with the inherited constitution of the pa-

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dose and retained at 25° C for 6 or 12 hours before placing them at 5° C are almost

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three drops every six hours, and gradually increased even to ten drops in

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met with conditions in these fevers, in wbich I should have quite d«

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given, for its full anodyne and soporific effects, in the dose of from

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species of exercise is not dangerous to females, unless during

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and hurricanes, the effect of which is to carry off more of the

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eumstances not well understood. Thus, while Mr Alexander, of Edin-

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rious febrile affections, diffusible stinudation may be employed without

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of it contains seven and a half grains. It is chiefly usctd externally, as '

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to be that of the oil at the first distillation; the colourless oil Inn'ng ob-

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inands of the most recent galvanic therapeutics. To obviate this defect,

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very tough. Beef, mutton, and fowls are preforaljle to veal, lamb, aud

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entt'd, hut not strikingly abn«»nMal in any way. With these symptoms

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bark itself, or the other alkaloids. The effects of quinia are usually ob-

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result of high or low ambient temperatures, but no consistent effects

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be employed when there is general fever, or any acute iuflaiumation of

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of a deep brown colour, (like " wetted rhubarb," observes Mr.