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cattle could not stand the severity of the climate, and they
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operation, when everything had indicated a perfect recovery.
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The appearance of the passive expiration admits of two
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Inflammation of the Vermiform Appendi.x; its Results, Diagnosis,
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derive encouragement from the marked results of the Chinese
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carried to his home by some friends. On reaching my patient,
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mation of the importance of stricture of large caliber, and
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From numerous experiments he draws the following conclusions :
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ment of iodine for the relief of the vomiting of pregnancy has been
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ferred to the right side. After seven years' residence in China
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holds firmly to the bacillary theory of the propagation of the
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thought that could be regarded simply as a means toward in-
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Thank him that he has provided educational facilities for your
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trate the point admirably. The woman left the hospital
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had used several methods in this series of operations. He
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ally been used in advanced pregnancy as a preparation for
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side in order to force her to use the left limb more.
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with safety by the attendant, and from which recovery is more
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bone, for instance, and that this fissure continues through
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pectorants may therefore be divided into the active and seda-
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upon his mind that the case was one of such extreme gravity as
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English downs, and the broad American prairies have all
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by circumstances to defer the operation till the next day, when
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and spread thence by way of the uterus and the Falloppian
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out dividing the integument. Relief was just as prompt, and
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tude, making the geographical portions nearly identical, we
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Besnier-Fereol, and subsequently treated of by Brocq and
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blood of the petechiiE, and pure cultures injected into rabbits give rise
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The Treatment of Kingworm most recently advocated by Vidal
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ders its perusal wearisome to a student or to an ordinary prac-
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ture conception of its duties and responsibilities.
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promising only improvement in the position of the arm, as he
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should, at the least, consider the mortality ; the duration