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On the whitish ground formed by the lens a few striae, arranged in the

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sions between a pin's head and a pea, all firm and without signs of

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acute form or of ^-alvular lesions ; or, again, of some obstacle to circula-

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aggregation of the Sick and Wounded. — 7. Postscript.

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Jlr. Grant Duff, in making the financial statement of the Govern-

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veyed to him. Sir William Ferg\isson, Bart., F.R.S., was elected

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was normally resonant. Auscultation detected exaggerated vesicular

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grey body, about the size of half a walnut, between the cerebellum and

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In none of the above is there any history of the kind of violence

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mination the patient took some mash, hay tea, and a few oats. Treat-

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him to take too sanguine a view, and to regard matters in a different

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With this evidence and under these considerations it becomes a mat-

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Experiment 3. On the 17th March, 1895, a parrot was inoculated

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eyes impaled on a7i awl i?i her left hand, and dow7i the border

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striking against bands of fibrous tissue below the \e\el of its surface (if

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M.D. ; M. A. E. Wilkinson, M.D. ; R. Harrison, Esq., Honorary

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** Thus we find a great many errors committed in pre-

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attempted to overcome the obstruction by repeated enemas, and by

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following, amongst other resolutions, was unanimously passed : —

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A large swelling covered the region of the sternum and extended

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poked and prodded, but no one ventured on a diagnosis.

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ladonna, according to Harley, is also a true double diuretic, being a

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accelerated and violent, and the pauses, which at rest had occurred

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and that by invoking St. Loup, bishop of Gueret, con-

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the benefits of tlie charity thus freely opened to the public.

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In birds, tumours are not uncommon, but many show special histo-

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lodged somewhere in the forepart of the pharynx, giving rise to chronic

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stricted to males. Mr. J. A. Kingdon has been appointed Surgeon to

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