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Her parents state that she has never talked iutelligibly, using

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shown in Fig. 14-. At this time she became much debilitated and


Vice-Presidents. — R. A. Kinloch, M.D., of Charleston, S. C.

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adverse circumstances." — II. Clark, Report of Rhode Island State

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dilatation of os had taken place, the face having barely engaged the

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neat dwellings. The alleged curative properties of the waters

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as errors of refraction. It is here that the profession owe

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ii, 805-80". He will find the reference to it, as well as to other

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drawbacks, and was also ready to admit that the frequent in-

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3. The accuracy of the results and its independence of

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ence of exactly the same cause. Not that I would for one moment

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18th. — Removed iodoform gauze ; found line of union cov-

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stimulation respiration was arrested in the inspiratory phase.

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enter upon at ary length. In plants, it is corroborated by the well

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development; only the transition of these impulses to the

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the normal connection of the heart with those centers. For

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joined strict rest iu bed, but, feeling so comfortable, she disre-

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and that can properly be given in this journal, will be answered by

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and by Meteors, &c., &c. It is therein stated that in a. d.

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removed with soap and water. If much exudation is present, Lassar's

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plate of the desired thickness, and at a cost of only $1.50. The

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between the patliohigical findings in epilepsy and the disease;

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author's views, and thought that all neurologi.sts would be

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of the appendix. The suppuration was profuse during the first

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was extracted. It was about an Inch in diameter and had been

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caustic alkali, Nos. Ill and IV do not show any notice-

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ment is too great an importance to the influence of syphilis

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tinued fevers — have been demonstrated to be causes of en-

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surgery, as representing a typical history of strangulation

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Sichel mentions only one example, de.'cribed by Despr^s, while

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