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Auvard has recently devised an instrument with which
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and buttermilk, are a very stupid people."* Pumpelly,
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here obtained was lasting. — London Medical Record.
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that he has not been able to convince himself by the study
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valuable than if suggested. The conclusions were those drawn
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(2) Rome was also in favor of such a union ; (S) the majority
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The Chairman said that, even if antiseptic methods had
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tions of the different parts to the surface, were the same iu a
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termed secondary indigestion, though they might both come
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and the exophthalmia are undoubted. In view of the fore-
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Wounds of the lower extremities are described at length, occupy-
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the question always arose whether it was produced by direct
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ptomaines formed in the alimentary canal) directly poison-
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iu a recent valuable paper by Dr. Loomis, who had said : " In
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Europe, with a Rheum and Distillation from the Head, Fe-
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rotation took place in the fourth position, and the face was born
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and his associates, who knew not only his unwavering devotion to the
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become bitterly hostile to sexual intercourse with her husband,
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1862 to 1870), the remaining 189 being all the other cases
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emy what it could do to aid the Health Department and the public
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sire to avoid the proprietary name of the preparations.
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ment, nor of oedematous swelling. The parts are not un-
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vent the formation of an abscess at the root of the tooth,
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were employed to minimize the shock. During the night six-
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Rush, C. W., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from the Naval
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in peritonitis not septic in origin, and also when pyjemia
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was seen moving up and down an inch or more with the respir-
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lation the vaso-motor nervous system is paralyzed, the pe-
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neural influences, by renal complications. An objection
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been scarcely more than a casual one prior to my appoint-
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delirium ; Fabret applies to them the names petit mal and grand mal
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ulcers and lessened the vulvar hyperplasia. The woman left
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