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of chloroform in frequently-repeated doses of from fifteen to twen-

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A few years since Branches of the University were established in

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the lungs could not be maintained, by the pneumogastric

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to the common track. Surely, it would seem like arrogance

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tarsal plate was loose, and together with bone debris

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This old hernia must have been an " encysted " hernia, as

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mind of an ordinary observer without any other expenditure of

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The patient thought that a fishbone must have stuck

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vapour not only has itself a soothing effect, but by softening the

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thus holding out a strong inducement to the tyro to sit at the feet ot his

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proclaim the truth to others. Would his tenets admit a back slider

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aged man. All went well at the operation, and the artificial

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mation — such as whitlow in a finger, etc., — the circulation

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the os uteri, in cases of dangerous flooding, condemned as rash, unnecessary,

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merit trial. But this is not all. We would not overlook efficient

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higher than 140 strokes in the minute, and is nearly continuous,

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hemorrhoids and pockets, heal the rectal ulcer, and the patient,

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habits, bad passions, and bad every thing, to say nothing of the

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relaxing severe spasm of the right lower extiemity, also in causing

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tary forms of disease.'' Thus, it will be observed that etiology, or

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in the populous cities. It follows, therefore, that although the Medical

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The rules of treatment are simply those of dyspepsia, or of

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That at times it would leave him, but only to return, after a short respite,

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two, three, or four days of complete constipation are not infre-

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conclusion can be drawn from such experiments. But the

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petent than ourselves to act efficiently, results more brilliant than we can

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and to ascertain the force, the extent and the intensity of this stroke ; we

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experienced in establishing a diagnosis, rendered it important to

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The second portion of the artery, or that lying between the scaleni, is,

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comparitive duration of life. From observation I would name an inch, at

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March 11th. No phosphorus was given, but the pulse, being

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11 Flamand was also in favor of the performance of cephalic ver-

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a post-mortem examination revealed likewise a complete unfolding of the

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viz : The motor effect is merely secondary, and not a necessry

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Blot, and Kink) is injurious in eclampsia; and the author has