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10,000 annually, and recently the manufacturing of them has be-
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artificial causes, mostly from medicaments; a very large group. Be-
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Dr. A. H. Smith referred to a case, which he said Dr. Noyes
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pneumonia had occurred, and he supposed they must have
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shank and Blundell, have described the state of the organs of gene-
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about the establishment of a vaccine bureau under the direction of
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obviating the wear and necessity of renewal, so inseparably
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was exhibited a few evenings since before the Surgical Section,
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covered: What had seemed to the finger as the fesoi)hageai
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bony union. He thought he had detected some slight move-
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capsule of the prostate. This fascia propria was but loosely con-
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Naval Intelligence. — Official List of Changes in the Medical Corps
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following resolutions were adopted and ordered to be placed on the
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come weaker affinities. Hydrogen is everywhere driven from
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the patient to expand the chest under forced inspiration up
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political talents unless it is hampered by overreaching. M. David
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of the vessels (Fig. 17). There are also swelling, granula-
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unkind as to say that carbuncle can not be relieved in that
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ed against only one symptom — high temperature — and on this
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ounce, the quantity may be determined within from one
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the subjects of theory and practice and materia medica. The
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hence the limit of 180 days would seem to be too large. Another im-
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All other communications and inquiries must be directed to the general
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formation along the mesenteric border of the ileum. Only the
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It is important here to call attention to the flabby, pouch-