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other portions of the body. In twenty-one cases the normal
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cases, placing the body semi-recumbent into a half- bath at 95°
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made by himself with the special object of determining the
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writer's name and addrtss, not necessarily for publication. \o at-
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agreeable, so that cocaine anaesthesia becomes superfluous.
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which they were acting,and by studying perseveringly all the works on
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infantum cases from the rest of the group, which does not
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I ought to try them, and finding one pair, very pretty and small,
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are common to all fevers — toxaamia, asthenia, coma, pneumonia,
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means of suture. Should this attempt fail, it will be a
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" Not less important than the school master, in the opinion of
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a thirteenth, which at certain seasons of the year is prob-
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noted. Doubtless the estimate from autopsy reports is too
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payable monthly ; but at the end of each period of five years of service
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In the few instances that I can recall of marked renal
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to about an inch below the head of the tibia. This incision
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made. Four hypotheses should be entertained, thoroughly
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tioned as an almost constant phenomenon in epidemics of
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lin, whose opinions are justly held in high estimation, assert-
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used in certain regions of the body than in others. We
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cylinder of the fiber shrivels and the small medullary mantle
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the wound by granulation. The wounds were now entirely
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in its definite therapeutic value, may be adopted. Individuals and manu-
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serving and describing this disease is heartily acknowledged by Unna
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