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well in a week. If surroundings and constitution are bad,
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purulent pleurisy of puerperal origin. The latter disease presents dif-
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sudden paralysis and anaesthesia occurring in the last days
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agreed that this should not be so easily acquired as to diminish
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ous import. The aspirator had failed in his hands, apparently
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on October 18, 1889. The bony surfaces were so large and ir-
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when we recall the fact that, while iodine renders yeoman
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I have said that the delirium may burst forth before or after the
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sidered, and medication should be directed as much to the
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can not overlook the need for fresh air, suitable exercise, to-
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main below the wouud a cavity in which pus would collect and
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leagues. It is to be hoped that with his fertile spirit he will
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lobe on the right side, corresponding in situation to the site of
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and accompanied by the profuse sweating, which soon ceases if the
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torticollis (wryneck), belladonna acts as a paralyzer of the
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and while galvanism offered such good results it was not likely
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chronously with their growth an increase in inflammatory
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anatomy. He also filled the chair of surgery in the University of
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made upon the functions of the kidney necessary in getting lid
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to say nothing of the septic influences at work. It should,
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restored, and headache had ceased. The loss of vision, however,
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29th. — Discharge of cloudy tluid increasing. Pleural cavity
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perature, bloody and mucous stools, tenesmus, infection, and
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so-called "alcoholics" without a history brought into the
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The Committee on Nominations made the following report :
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