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Accouch., t. I, p. 126) says that, in Lapland and Greenland, women,
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gentle exercise. By this latter means the circulation through the
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ten to the British Medical .Journal a letter in which he modestly
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the time of menstruation ; a tendency to eczema and less
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clinical peculiarity which especially distinguished Friedreich's
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orderly did not become sufficiently alarmed to summon the
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seizure. From this date (he was then about eleven years old)
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sion being made of 32 powdered seeds (about •'$ gm.), which are
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keratin in the peculiar knotty or gnarled structure of the
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In seeking to formulate any rational system of treatment
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clean hands and instruments, we know there are many indi-
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bone, that the blow which broke it out was delivered not with the
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in such instances. From this remarkable property of inducing,
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liable to occur at any time. Then the bromide must be
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known to take place in a completely prolapsed uterus and go
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at a point opposite the sacnim so as to fit the deformity, and
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pressions in this way may be sent to the brain, and thus is
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however, endeavor to emphasize some points which seem to
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tinal symptoms, with exacerbations and remissions for from
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Dr. Wood thought the speaker had done a great service to the
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on November 5th, seven months after the first operation, the
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much shock, and but little pain. The bullet had entered the
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patients doing well (i. e., perfectly free from attacks and
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matters of frequent observation, and this suggests the ob-
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weighed. There is no rubbish in the entire volume, which is
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freedom from attachments, great sensitiveness upon light pressure