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Dr. Bewi.ey, in reply, said that, taking the observations of

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Rare Form of Shoulder Dislocation.— Dr. 0. A. Powers

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munity, these cases, be they more or less numerous, will not

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into contact with people to whom the lack of wine at meals

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sistent local treatment palliated — according to some, cured

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azathioprine 50 mg side effects

Section in Diseases of the Mmd and Nervous System, Dr. I. P. Bru-

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the fracture. These lesions were not only anterior to the

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sulted us on account of this trouble about six or seven years ago.

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E.Martin, " Monatsschrift filr Geburtskunde," Bd. 18, p. 348.

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indicative of the existence of a polypoid obstruction of the

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Dr. C. W. Earle, Chicago, subject: Cephalhematoma in New-born.

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as the fancy niay suggest, lends only confusion in practice,

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direct increase in the secretion of the broncho-pulmonary

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Resolved, That the President and Secretary of the Board of Ex-

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history nor in their pathological anatomj' do they in any

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rhage. Among these may he mentioned venereal excesses,

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Washington ; Consideration of the Revised Constitution ; a discussion

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time and without disagiecabic effects than by using the sublimate. By

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on the success in his four cases. The method was an exceed-

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not separated, was scarcely visible. The one on the left

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cattle in regard to their own and our health, I should, I re-

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to carry o it, in accordance with tlieir powers, the conclusions to which

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including simply the soft tissues was hardly a philosophical one,

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necessary. It was a suggestion by Campbell de Morgan, and

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pyogenic germs from external sources without superficial

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the amount of the subscription to the treasurer,* with their name, pro-