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but much blood mingled with urine escaped from the rectum.

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was no necessity for its use afterwards as the urine passed unaided.

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general circulation, respiration, and general condition met with

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vessels is not excessive ; but in the softer variety there is a

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and the cutaneous vasomotor paresis were all somewhat pe-

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of the injury, anesthesia of tbe patient being indispensable.

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the way of continuous treatment, but it need not if you are

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were kept dilated by the finger or a retractor until they healed.

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lives in devotion to the duties of our profession. In the very flower of

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5. That many cases are due to simple hyperplasia in old

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animals. A short time afterward a boy, six years of age, died with all

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cases of abdominal section, by reason of its slighter tendency

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Dr. Lyon had employed pilocarpine in a case with epileptic

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cause for the difference is to be found in the presence of

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operation if the cases were properly selected. He had never

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cease. Every five minutes during the bath water at about

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the patients partially conscious, or at least in such a condition

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iodide is given, forty-five grains a day for six weeks, and then pauses as

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have remained in fair health for two or three years, ihe curetting being

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urethral stricture. Perhaps the best definition of urethral

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lation in its interior of fluid other than pus. Here, if the

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tumblerful ; to be drank slowly in all cases. At this degree

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28, 1889. A week before, on his rising from bed, it had been

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peared. On the following day the patient was as well as

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the knife, to call in an operating surgeon. His action in con-