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21gt, A. if. — Apparently free from fever, rash almost gone.
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The new class of preparations introduced into the Pharmacopoeia,
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ders, 1890. Pp. 17 to 66. [Saunders's Question Compends.]
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foreign body. Such conditions are hypertrophied tonsils,
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was divided in two branches in the canal, one branch going
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cases until everything else had been tried was a proceeding to
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temperature be maintained at the normal by new doses of the kairin.
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and dilatations even under an amount of distension certain-
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Special Orders No. 1, January 1, 1890, Department of the Platte, is
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left to the discretion of the surgeon. He must rely on his
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fifteen days is granted. Par. 9, S. 0. 21, Headquarters of the Army,
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adults. The patient was then exhibited to the Section. The
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this prolonged application of a fatal dose there was no sign of
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done. That more would be heard about the asthenopia he
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Clinical Lectures on Varicose Veins of the Lower Extremities, By
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show gangrene along the line of pressure of ihe sharp cut-
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ter is in all cases composed of cerebrin, which is not easily
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occur; and the tartaric salt usually employed for this pur-
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symphysis pubis and over the linea alba. This incision was
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they have rarely been fatal except with those whose health was
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Sir: Dr. Kloinan's article on gas poisoniDg published in the
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tion, as indicated in the characteristic reddish sputa, do not con-
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posa sharing to a great extent in its movements. When the as-
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In England, West, Matthews Duncan, Angus Macdonald,
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broken apart — so much so indeed that they can not be taken
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Gardeners generally ascribe these results to overfeeding and over-
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Tropho-neuroses as a Factor in the Phenomena of S3rphi-
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— namely, those where spontaneous recovery has taken place
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was changed every twelve hours, and the glass tube was with-
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low-dose levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol patch and pill a randomized controlled trial