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health, a series of lectures is annually delivered on

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many facts displayed in a course of anatomy. Indeed, it is

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crowding together of human beings, or from some peculiar

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to attempt to cure it without having the hair previ-

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stump, or on the cut muscles ; 3, cfry lint applied on

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aneurism is deeper seated, and unless devoloped in situations

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Wedsesday. Royal College of Surgeons of England, 4 p.m. Pro-

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vous system 1927 i^ersons died ; 119 from cephalitis,

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in the treatment of certain derangements of vision,

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on " Hox-se-racing and Hospitals" at the Spread Eagle

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chloride of iron were applied, and syiaip of the per-

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nation to uphold the chai'acter of the medical pro-

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been chiefly occupied in dLscu^ing the report of the

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*,• All Inttcrs and rommxinications for the JonitNAL, to be addressed

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saturated with the poison. By so doing, agricultiu-e

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in the system of medical education. Formerly all who aspired

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medicine ; J. A. Nunneley, Leeds Medical School and

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the advance of physic, and must speak boldly. It is

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of much consequence to the discovery of the true nature of

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KJ A SONS coiitinueto supply Instruments of the best workman-J

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law meiiical officers, would do well to take note of

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shall proceed to show, from a few examples, how hio-h

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returned to town decidedly improved ; but soon becoming worse,

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in the dependent position to which it is liable in birth; and

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act to which they are impelled is sinful, that they

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eighty -two hosijitals, with a capacity of 84,472 beds,

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trines and laws, and to make out how far these two,

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issues of the disease he is treating ; but he is not

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distinguish between qualified and unqualified practi-

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themselves to some one special pursuit are generally

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fession on this particular question, does away with

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molar teeth (it being deciduous and decayed). Dr. Ware perceived

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meta-analysis efficacy adapalene tretinoin

changes which arise in one eye after loss of the other

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esting cases of the effects of subcutaneous injection

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flamed so much as to confine him to his ward and bed.

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fication, mast all tend to influence the result. But,

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