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English Edition, revised and enlarged by Stanley Boyd,

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nerve section is known to be. On close scrutiny, however,

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old. The occurrence of sterility io early and in elderly life is

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I WAS called on tlie 15th of October, 1888, to see Mrs. S. A.

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years old, was sent to Mr. Tait on the supposition that she was

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all laparotomies undertaken for the relief of ectopic pregnancy.

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sician is bound always to consider. Iron does not invariably

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of elementary teaching should include, which it rarely does,

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Smith was, at the date of his appointment, an experienced vacci-

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Viewing the subject generally, we may anticipate a great result

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the direct factor concerned in the many chemical decomposi-

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just explained. Inspiration expands the lung, thereby

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office in whatever group of animals fonnd, or, at all events,

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moved freely during the day; complained of tenderness of the

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men, by Dr. E. H. King, of West Liberty ; A Case of Syphilis, with

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would there be demonstrated to them by the attendants that

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these facts to the National Board of Health, and proposes bringing

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being well understood by the profession, and precise notions

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sion of spirits, and an amount of debility and prostration

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ther poisoning nor pain resulted ; the discharge diminished and soon

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or in the patient exhibiting his good sense by betaking

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off'. Fluid of the same character subsequently continued to

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private practice within a few weeks two fatal cases of sep-

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atmosphere, still it did not follow that they were necessary in