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ing on the upper end of the tibia by means of an apparatus. He

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bined). This formula has remained useful since I adopted,

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Lesser, Leipzig ; G. Lewin, Berlin ; Neisser, Breslau ; Unna, Hamburg ;

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Gold Coast of Africa, writes : " From what I have witnessed on the

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operated on by Mr. M'Ardle, said it would have been a most

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that the neck of tlie astragalus was twisted so as to look directly

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keratin and neurokeratin can not be directly grouped to-

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in the Medical Corps of the United States Army, to fill existing vacan-

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afternoon of the next day, October 2d, when there escaped

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and Dr. Horlbeck, of the Charleston Board of Health. They are a part

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syphiloma. Though, however, late oedema may be thus

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rapidly when the surface was bathed in perspiration. The

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ered from the indurating ffidema of the vulva, and under

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general circulation, respiration, and general condition met with

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nancy treated by Electricity. — A paper with this title was

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infiltration, or, unless the drainage was complete, if the urine

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bined. Many of the spots promptly returned to their normal condition.

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angular process of the frontal bone about two inches backward

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the lid of the pot, and, counting from its appearance, the

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Report upon the Prevention of Yellow Fever by Incculation, made

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Dr. L. II. Sayre spoke in advocacy of the benefits to be