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influenza of 1830, though generally mild in its character,
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tions brought against Dr. Mary A. Dixon Jones and her son,
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Thus far I have not had an opportunity of witnessing the effect
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would have the key to prognosis and to treatment, it being
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have meant death. He dissented from Dr. Foot's view as to the
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wine, and the next day he was heavy and complained of frontal
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Sir: Dr. F. W. Marlow contributes to the Journal, under
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however, the general health may remain unchanged, and
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in advance just how much of the chemical will be required
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Abundant. On the trunk there were small, dry, white scales,
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did so, and a careful reading of the text shows that Dr.
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Another patient, who had been having five to ten epileptic at-
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defiiiite period of between three and four weeks, just like the exan-
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due to embolus — of the size of a large pea was found on each
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Resolved, That the President and Secretary of the Board of Ex-
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in 17 it had not recurred after more than two years ; of the 17,3
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forts to add to its simplicity and safety, and it is the same
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eral peritoneal cavity by a limiting boundary of inflammatory
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nique was as follows: A large Y-shaped incision over the pos-
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lated, after a time disappear, and in their place is to be found
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grene into the pleural cavity. 2. Some cases occurred in con-
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don : F. A. Davis, 1889. Pp. xiii-938. [Price, $6.]
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favorable for the proper elaboration of the products of di-
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the foregoing, or in those in which renal disease exists; in
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velopment than those in the country did, there would be a cor-