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of the Clostridia isolated from wounds are usually unidentifiable.

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tive reaction before treatment can be instituted, it is necessary

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the thermophilic organisms, found in faeces, which only develop at tem-

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eight months ago "syphiHs," now "syphiHs or non-tuberculous

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c. Sparganum. Under the term "sparganosis" is grouped infec-

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treated in the same manner, and their contents trans-

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and absent auscultatory sounds. A radiograph taken two days

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statement, even if made when in extremis, and just prior to disso-

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Prophylaxis. — The pulling down of old houses, the opening up of

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i. Certain neurotropic viruses causing varieties of encephalitis

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sometimes stated to be characteristic only of CI. perfrin-

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cent. Neutrophils 69 per cent., lymphocytes 29 per cent.,

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" It " {Pulsatilla) " has failed in my hands, employed in both ways"

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rettes, pipettes, and cylinders are discussed in section III of this

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consideration. He suggested a change in the method of nomi-

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infinitely more than they do the doses of the medical practitioner.

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ing officer, John L. Coffin, M. D. Lucinda B. Ballou, M. D., of

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February of last year, a new code of ethics was adopted, contain-

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with methyl-violet must not be regarded as amyloid. According to Lubarsch,

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tube. Each tube can be used for 5 drops of plasma or

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that are weak in character. The blood-pressure is usually low.

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4. The results seem to justify the recommendation of these

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origin. It is possible, however, by means of nitrate of silver, turpentine,

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the animal, the protection against the virus used for the purpose of

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If the skin is dry and itchy, it is most desirable to protect the vesicles

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a. Amount. The capacity of the average adult's stomach is

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every time, but somehow or other patients would not come to be cured. Lo, the

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bless the means? The faith-curers object to the means, because

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this power is greatly increased by the leucocytes and their products ; if, therefore,

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absence of tubercle baciUi after repeated examinations, the

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Again he speaks of homoeopathy as a mushroom growing up in

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the broth. The crystal violet effectively inhibits growth

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If an ordinary medicine dropper is the only type avail-

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upon the left leg. The mother at once removed the stocking and

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blood urea is very high (urea N over 100 mg per 100

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6. Q fever antigens appear to be free of soluble substance but

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degree by the tubular epithelium; some, as glucose, practically

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who are miserably poor are more likely to marry young and rear