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the rheumatic or neuralgic complication ; and, lastly, there
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knowing that it had been described some twenty years ago by
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man who has long been epileptic, whose attacks are always ushered
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in an appendicitis, which in turn excited a paratyphlitic ab-
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vaccinated at such an early period, after suspecting the nature of the
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quiries instituted by Dr. Haygarth in ten of the towns of
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median line and then down almost to Poupart's ligament. It
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which yielded in the course of a few days to quinine. In Janu-
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aware of any absolutely convincing studies which have been
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the vomer with the triangular cartilage. Section of these
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The Merritt H. Cash Prize. — The secretary of the Medical Society
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which the figures had been derived and how completely all
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occurred; (3) those in which, the os being rigid, the cervical
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form D shall be transmitted with the order of commitment to
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moved, she can not have a recurrence of pregnancy or dis-
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This experience led me to pursue this line of investiga-
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dressings were applied, with a plaster-of-Paris fixation bandage
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with languor and sense of extreme weariness; then sore-
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limbs, and would complain of the tickling whenever the soles
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the kidneys are barely able to perform their function suffi-
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thickened and considerable resistance was offered by the result-
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condition of these parts in the child, however, is so different
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of the sugar. The three cases were all in persons compara-
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of muscles, nerves, or blood, which can in any sense be the
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That other committees of investigation have failed in the past,
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of Dr. Prudden and Dr. Biggs has been mentioned alreadv.
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stands the high patten (four to six inches) with crutches ;
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recognition and further study. I shall anxiously await the re-