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he had pain in the top of the head and also frontal headache.
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hence the necessity of examining your patient's heart and
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that one person should devote his entire attention to it.
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the urethral canal. One day, while pursuing my investiga-
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Friday, March SSth: Yorkville Medical Association (private); New
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ment I shall make you will be based upon clinical experi-
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the Acutely Insane in General Hospitals, points to a reform
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3 it was about 30°. In one case with slight flexion, but
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cold coils, cold affusions, graduated baths, or any other agree-
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The prognosis of chronic nasal catarrh, unless proper
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children you see this division as markedly as you do in adults.
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An investigation of the germicidal properties of certain acids and
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tation above the trachea will reveal the presence of some
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100° F. and 103° F., but the intervals between tbe rise and fall
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are an excess of moisture accompanied by a diminution of atmospheric
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performance of a minor operation. The after-effects are pro-
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moved at the end of the sixth day. During the time it was in
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cial local lesion situated in the respiratory tract, as was believed
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amination, but those who are approved and receive appointments are
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