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which are allowed to lead an almost free life in their native land,

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County; Dr. E. II. Ilornaday, Willow Green; Dr. I. Wellington

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teenth of an inch as the head slipped out. The tabulated cases

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Case IV. — Mrs. G., aged twenty-six, November, 1889. The

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(3) traumatism, sloughing, results of electricity, direct violence,

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one which the following resolution, adopted June 21, 1888,

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phthisis. It was not the mere loss of consciousness that terminates

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eases of poliomyelitis, yet he did not consider them entirely

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and some tension of the abdominal walls. Temperature, 99° F. ;

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account of the mode of infliction of the injury, except that she

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Dr. Bardoh, in the course of a brief reply, said that Dr.

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It was bad practice to give an infant, under three months, fari-

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tions. It may be used in the so-called external form, by frictions, and

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The former may be due to tubal disease, or to malignant

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further use of the sound was abandoned. If after three weeks

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tions within the area of their distribution. 6. That ligation of

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was inserted, to which was attached a rubber tube for fieciuent

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to keep a patient steadily at the point of therapeutic bro-

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Pasteur. Those who are too poor to afford the expense of a

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lapsed in chronic cases and would not expand, and the pus had

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initiatory and somewhat experimental stage of nephror-

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became tired of this method and desired a more radical inter-

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new conditions can be considered after the manuscript has been put

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ness to the touch, so that she sutfered acutely when turned upon

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which should be made, and even then the liability was great of

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London: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1889. Pp. 143. [Price, 75

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position and are in the same condition in regard to rigidity as

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was very favorably modi6ed without the formation of an abscess.

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gard to the clinical use of this new drug. More experience,

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Dr. William Bodine and Dr. II. T. Walker were selected as

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lar peritonitis must be revised as a result ot what we had learned

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health in this city needed for its consummation the sym-

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ger of chilling the neck when the poultice gets cold. By