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tions of the blood-vessels incident to pregnancy and the increased
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in the county where he first located, but he relinquished all his oppor-
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nal administration of ergot is resorted to with results so con-
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bad the thickness of a man's finger, and was one bundle of vari-
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The necessity for asepsis is urged in all operations, even in so
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tance, and usually we will find that our efforts will have to
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out simultaneous or still earlier arrest of the heart ; and that
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tain cases of dysmenorrhoea are not benefited by the use of
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my own satisfaction. Yet I always doubted the correctness
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gentlemen present was that the disease was probably syphilitic.
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arises if he attempts to change from a walk to a run or to step
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situation at a much later period than this they are of no
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A letter from Hon. R. M. Sanders, then a member of Congress,
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happy effect. You will, no doubt, be surprised to learn that so many
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remittances tnust be made payable to Thomas F. Wood, M. D.,
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the same as that for an ordinary person aged fifty-two years.
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miscarriage in the earlier months of pregnancy. The attend-
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powder blown in: ^ Hydronaphthol, 10 per cent. ; iodoform,
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inspiration. This again establishes an expansion of the
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was then ordered, and it proved to be most happy in its effects,
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pus could not be secured at any one point. A drainage-tube
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which commences before the redness fades. The hairs and nails may
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nosis, and its treatment — all at such a time receive much
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of the disease in China. We see, then, that among the
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Stuttgart; Knauff, Heidelberg; Liman, Berlin S. W., Kbniggriitzer-
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that they be treated by glasses. These observers and
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I shall presently have something to say) lying loose in the wound.
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operation for curetting the uterus under ether, and no un-
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No. 307. — While the gonococcus is very generally recognized as be-
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1. The adipose capsule, opened or unopened, is united
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wrought was to be attributed to the rigid regulation of the diet
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Expiration occupies from fifty-three to sixty per cent, of
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therefore, a current is passed through a dog's body by interpos-
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pains yielded somewhat to heat and frictions. As emaciation