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not come to the doctor until he is sick. This means that most disease
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Army Medical Museum does not possess a single specimen, nor
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the time consumed in performance, the length and degree of
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great comfort and peace and delight to the smoker. It is due
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qualified assurances from twenty-eight others that their loss of appetite,
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The doctor is to be congratulated on his result. In the case which I
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Principles or Guides : For a Better Selection or Classification of Consump-
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Nevertheless, I cannot help but refer again to my lack of prepara-
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tlieir communications are considered to be bound in honor to a strict observance of this
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too, it would be a diversion, even if the editor used your verse to
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cember 23d, 1918, after which there was a period of four weeks of com-
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found, in one case Bacillus Influenza in pure culture from a pleural
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Unfortunately, medical schools are as a rule too well satisfied to
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sion many of its shortcomings, but we must say however that
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were out of the question. Various agents were used to induce healing,
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tion. I hesitate to make any comparisons with that period which
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would expect to find morphological traces of tubercle in it ; the heat of an
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forcibly injected into the tissues by means of a fine canula, four to six drachms
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symptoms, if accompanied with albumin and casts, will complete with
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ably are several bacilli. A great deal of work has yet to be done before
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ning peritonitis was diagnosticated by laparotomy in six cases; 85 per cent,
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for a good many days "with stomach trouble and dryness of the mouth."
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known to us, and have added luster to this particular branch of
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The clinical examination of breast milk is shown to be as
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skin, especially of the extremities, presented a livid hue and was sodden.
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Miss M. W., aged fourteen, was sent to me April 20th, by Dr. Jarrett.
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chloric acid every two or three days to the extent of five or six
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under thirty years of age, while of the males, 84 out of 91 were
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cent, solution of cocaine injected just beneath the lesion renders
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7. The patient is, as a rule, anaesthetized and ready for the operation to
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and the ileo-colic ; and where the mesentery is absent it runs
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uncertain — Glaeser, Bruns) ; disturbance of intelligence, principally in
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