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that the doctor's assertions are illiberal and unfounded."
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step by step from the time of inception to termination and
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round ligaments were shortened, and there was no liability to tin
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of the bowel, care being taken that they were not so large
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dred physicians became its victims. Nervons and gastro-intes-
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the anus, and it is pushed steadily through the prostate into the
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After the substance had been thoroughly extracted with ^
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carries with it a certain or, I should say, an uncertain amount
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been in private practice, and records have been kept of only
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anxious father and expectant nurse had meanwhile given me up as
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sion to hasten the labor until the trunk was expelled as far as
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terized by acute onset, with sensation of chilliness in many
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much as the niirse and a great deal more. He is expected to
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from destruction, and at the same time preserve the tissue-
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In Figs. 5 and 6 is well shown a very clear case of vulvar
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felt at all, but there was a little pain over the appendix. The
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enter a house where there is a contagious disease, I am, of course, pri-
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before any instrumental examination is made let the uterine
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That other committees of investigation have failed in the past,
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fonned elements can only occur when the maternal placenta becomes
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These nmramrs were due to an atheromatous condition of the aorta
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troversy, and trust that Ave have rescued from oblivion the first im-
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described the various modifications, attachments, methods of
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throtomy necessary. In regard to the method of operating, it
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vesical nor rectal tenesmus was observed. A sanious watery
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measurement through its middle line and over the seventh cervi-
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esting description of the condition of our profession sixty-five years
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turbation had been practiced, and in one other the occurrence
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Ihomas J. Mays, and was attached so as to record abdomi-