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Fig. 2. — Showing the splint in its simplenl form not yet padded and covered*

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ings will be inserted when they are reccii'cd in time.

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A frequent objection to bromide treatment by parents

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be of much value unless supported by specific facts. Such facts

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from Clinical Records. By Joseph Parrish, M.D. Phila-

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small-pox, after having the vaccine, though such instances are as un-

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lime, § iv to a gallon ; a third, containing sulphate of iron, 3 xviij to a

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not give advice to laymen as to partiadar cases or recommend indi-

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was quite a free discharge of menstrual fluid, which returned at

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trophic function of the .sympathetic nervous system, which he

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In order to obviate the objections interposed to the

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instances for weeks. Patients felt that life was not worth liv-

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tients' requirements went, were in many instances perfect.

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ber of the profession, that this society be so sustained and de-

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third day ; no bacilli found. The author believes infection of the em-

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The National Medical Dictionary ; including English, French, Ger-

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gressive stenosis due to carcinoma, tuberculosis, or syphilis.

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given by cooking, the history of this disease would perhaps be

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The Society at 12 o'clock resolved itself into the Conjoint Session

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situated in the west of France. Everything was as gloomy and

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when the teeth are formed and the time of weaning is at hand.

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* Read before the Tri-Siate Medical Association of Alabama, (Jeorgia,

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treatment of very close strictures, such as may require the

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on a lounge, or on a carriage arranged for the purpose to

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He also presented tables showing the frequency with which

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disturbances of the nervous svstem occurred in few infections

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