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dementia). At seventy-eight memory defect was noted and later romancing

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B. (2) In this connection the following may be of interest,

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be now put ?" and its adoption shall end all debate and bring the Council to vote upon the

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Dr. Sangster — I thought that myself, but the other was suggested.

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vert, a kleptomaniac, an occasional criminal or even a homicide

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an autogenous vaccine the strain of bacteria and virulence is so

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operation. I first saw the case in the Spring of 1909. The pa-

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other prominent societies, etc., began publication January 191 1,

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I told him to cure a case like his involved the necessity of instruments and urethritic treat-

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useless and nothing could be accomplished by it. We will not accomplish much with it, and

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such operations. He shall make such other reports from time to time

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Lount, Q.C., his counsel, on the 10th, 11th and 12th days of May, A.D. 1898, at the Council

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We know this reaction has taken place in the second tube

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endeavoring to hear what is said by the teachers when the ear is

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chi, of the Rockefeller Institute, in that he substitutes human

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My finances were such I could not appear before the committee last November in person,

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should like to mention that mental attitude which may be des-

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afford the physician all the advantages he could possibly desire — ■

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of our opponents. The medical profession as a whole are pro-

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that which he believes to be right and just. As such, therefore, we are

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gree of flat foot. Nothing was said at the time about the perspira-

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times serious enough to cause death, and always cause much

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and greatly admired by all who have had occasion to meet him profession-

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The tonsil question divides itself naturally into two parts :

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opinion would be good on that. I think somebody competent on those matters should

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4. As to the charge which alleges that the said Richard Allen Clark has been guilty of

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losing concern. Now, we come to calculate the loss it has been to the profession, and I say

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The Gazette does not hold itself responsible for the opinions expressed by its contributors

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resulted in some softening, is pretty well up towards the cortex.

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alloted to me. There are many other causes for backaches, par-

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powers of this Council are concerned these are the only things we can deal with, the only

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solution of the problem of a declining birth rate and an excessive

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violence, making a total of 39 deaths, or a mortality of 12.48 per

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ornament. It was designed for service. But as a matter of fact,

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ferences in feet as there are in faces. The support should also be