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the edge of a door. That accident is believed to be the cause of

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in 3, to 120°; in 19, to 135°, which militated but little

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means of the retrojection of very hot water, had served in one

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cal Cou'.'ress for the Study of Tuberculosis as to the methods to

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when very much irritated. The little red vascular tumors

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disease germs, and, further, that the same etFect was produced

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are the result of individual reporters, so that they are not so

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tients suddenly appeared at the clinic. These were cases, most

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also rapidly increasing in size. Repeated haemorrhages at long

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icals are placed in a glass retort; a carbon and zinc apparatus, with a spiral plati-

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larged or detached ligamentum ahire was the cause of the in-

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diseased tissues were first carefully cleansed with absorbent cotton,

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The importation of artificial eyes in the United States is about

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during stimulation we observe only an expiratory effect.

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been satisfactorily treated by the author with chloride-of-zinc solution.

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Pharyngeal Wall, and Dr. Joseph O'Dwyer will read a paper on Intu-

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was no initial catarrh. The fatal cases were by bronchitis,

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ances are well shown in Fig. 7, which was made from a photo-

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quiet humor. Our loss can not be replaced, and, though forgetfulness

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tions like tonsillitis, the addition of aconite will prove of

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ings, to be held at the Mott Memorial Hall, No. 64 Madison Avenue, is

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comes correspondingly less irregular and approximates

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with chloral hydrate as a vesicant. Some three years ago I acci-

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Occasionally, I may sa}- rarely, ocular irritation has been

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edition, and that the book will be known as the Deatsches Arz-

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special sort. You want the results of the personal experi-

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pines at the base of the Esterel Mountains, for the establishment of a

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addition to the interesting specimens just presented, the ca'^e had

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years of practice, and gave the result of his experience as to treat-

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were added five hundred cubic centimetres of the disinfectant to be

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As atomizers cost money, and as they can not be carried

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vances pathology has made in every branch of medical sci-

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and the retroperitoneal tissue or abscess. The distal en-