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germicidal agents. To the acceptance, throughout the surgical
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health and sanitary condition of the navy for the past year.
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ment, by which he meant irrigation of the urethra daily during
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hip, he usually made a section through the great trochanter in
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dissolving. The nerve sections must therefore be entirely
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drugs. The lady I have referred to as having been bromin-
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grain; assayed fluid extract of nux vomica; morphine sul-
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break of an intense red upon the general integument which lasts from
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soldiers of about the same average age and condition of health —
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tions. In Three Volumes. Vol. I, pp. 23-25 to 1114. Vol.
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Dr. Wood thought that it was well to review the adaptability of
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mixtures have been suggested, in most of which ether, chloroform, or
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local therapeutic measures for uterine disease in any case.
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lead-water applied on pieces of muslin or linen, and changed every time
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with a decided narrowing of the vaginal oritice by reason of the
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obscure points relate to fetiology, and these experimental
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Viewing the subject generally, we may anticipate a great result
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discussion to prove that, whether complicated with gleet or
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be very rarely caused by tuberculous infection, and that they
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are so familiar as to render any mention of them superflu-
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clinic in Berlin, that of Dr. Miethke, proclaims (Monatshft. f. p. Der-
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is gauged, and this size is taken as the proper size of the
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ralysis of the bowel, and so leading to intestinal obstruction.
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the hard and soft palate which had led to the belief that the
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Pasteur. Those who are too poor to afford the expense of a
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epidemic visited the United States the same spring ; and
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retro-rectal dermoid cyst. The assistance of a gymccologist had been
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idiot is as good as the mind of Herbert Spencer''— [we wish he bad
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grave. Or the chronic malnutrition to which they are sub-
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has two holes at one end for attaching it to the stem, and
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important. This hsamaturia is often repeated, frequently in-
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" The following may be considered as the true state of the case
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mencement, difficult of diagnosis, and frequently the practitioner
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the electric excitability of the nerve. The circulatory and nutritive
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bichloride of mercury and hydrochloric acid. All experiments with the
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was found that there was complete desquamation of the
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of treatment; the general health during treatment; and,
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cine in the Medical School of St. Mary's Hospital, etc. Illustrated with
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