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with bichloride-of-mercnry solution, and then whitewashed.

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the night and early morning of the 13th the vomiting continued

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conform to all proper requests made of them by the citizen,

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together and be slow in dissolving. But this clogging together

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before him, threw her down and inflicted heavy blows on her head.

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tion ; Hudson, N. J., County Medical Society (Jersey Citv) ; Andro-

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into practical effect the teachings of those who advocated isola-

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tion, in the exceptional, procrastinated, and insidious cases

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along different nerve paths ; it also increases the probability of the ex-

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to be readily broken up by an ordinary atomizer into a

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causation of a susceptibility to infection. This suscepti-

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Perhaps the most serious objection to the urethrotneter

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nerves, on the other hand, only soft matter fills out and sur-

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and described by him a few years ago,extensively spreading papillary

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mented its frequency in rendering it nearly mensual."

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bers decreasing with the depth of the urethra, and conse-

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to know in what proportion of cases the author had secured

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of the nerve which was responsible for the pain, and there was

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plemented by my thoracic attachment. Bradford's frame,

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cian to properly classify the case. In this connection I

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protection to the city from imported disease. The com-