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During the first year four courses are gone through with, during the
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The speaker thought such a catastrophe should never be allowed
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face of the skin to the nerve trunks with reference to gen-
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The results shown in the cases exhibited were exceedingly
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of grave significance. The ocular examination shows increased
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Dr. McDuffie said he would try to heal these fistula by cauterization.
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dent exposure, after the subsidence of the acute symptoms.
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tory murmur, and egophony at the base. Subcutaneous em-
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mixture of the influence of the operation itself. All sur-
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the Bi itish Medical Journal, has issued an order forbidding the surgeons
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contributors to medical science. One has but to mention
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ter to exclude discharges of cervical origin, but very diffi-
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etc.; (3) foreign bodies, such as an extra-uterine fostus's bones, etc.
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the application of cold to the surface, and the internal adminis-
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affection a definite reflex origin will be demonstrable it is
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ble of slipping through the urethra with its own weight.
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cases before you, two important points as to local treatment, or
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which any good housewife can prepare and which is con-
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favoring lis with commmncuttons is respeetf ally called to the follow-
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tions by a reference to the latest works that have been pub-
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involved. The middle and anterior fossse on the left side had
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ditions which are the result of simple (?'. e., non-traumatic)
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ing according to the parliamentary rules generally accepted in delibera-
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past epidemics. However great certain other discrepancies
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and advanced stages, is well shown. The figure was takeu
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anatomy and physiology of the urinary system are first consid-
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can not engage to publish an article in any specif cd issue ; (3) any
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after only a few hours' illness, of its vice-president. Dr. James H.
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then with fatty and granular casts. The patient died the
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Dr. W. F. Peck, Davenport, Iowa, subject: The Address in
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Dr. A, B. Pope could see no reason for the advice given in
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come on gradually. Hoarseness was about the only symptom
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described, showing its connection with the diabetic rather than with
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ing up of an admirable institution, in a true spirit of charity