Our Approach

Under the sole direction of Ms. Berwick at Berwick Enterprises, Inc., funds contained in Guggenheim Investment Group #11560 are adjusted twice daily between nine (9) different Guggenheim Investment Funds.

The funds that Berwick Enterprises, Inc. uses are:

  1. Dow 2x Strategy (series H)
  2. NASDAQ-100® 2x Strategy (series H)
  3. Russell 2000® 2x Strategy (series H)
  4. S&P 500 2x Strategy (series H)
  5. Inverse Dow 2x Strategy (series H)
  6. Inverse NASDAQ-100® 2x Strategy (series H)
  7. Inverse Russell 2000® 2x Strategy (series H)
  8. Inverse S&P 500 2x Strategy (series H)
  9. U.S. Government Money Market (share class Inv)

Ms. Berwick uses technical, fundamental, seasonal, and cyclical factors in making her management decisions.

Your account is evaluated at the end of each quarter. We profit only when you profit, charging a 14% management fee of all earnings above the balance present at the end of the previous quarter. Guggenheim Investments charges approximately a 1.8% maintenance fee on all accounts they hold – this is separate from the management fee we charge and is taken directly out of your account at Guggenheim, by Guggenheim.

Berwick Enterprises, Inc. will send a bill at the end of each quarter for any management fees due, as we cannot withdraw funds from the account(s) we manage for you at Guggenheim. Bills are due thirty (30) days from the date they are issued, and may be paid by check to Berwick Enterprises, Inc., 167 Anzavista Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94115-3805. To wire transfer management fees owed, please contact us by telephone.

We do not share information about clients in good standing with any other party, apart from Guggenheim. If collections are necessary, we may share your information with collections agencies and credit reporting agencies to recover fees owed. Any expenses we incur in engaging in collection activities will be added to the management fees owed.