Fund Security

At Berwick Enterprises, Inc., we want you to feel safe and secure about your principal under management. To alleviate concerns, all funds under management are held at Guggenheim Investments – and we only have trading access to these funds (we cannot withdraw from or deposit to your accounts).

Berwick Enterprises, Inc.’s group number for Guggenheim Investments is 11560.

All funds to be managed must be placed into an account with Guggenheim that you hold the password to, and the password is not to be given to Berwick Enterprises, Inc. – instead, access to manageable funds in the account need to be set up by Guggenheim.

About Guggenheim Investments:

“Guggenheim Investments are projected to have total assets exceeding $119 billion, with approximately 900 employees. Guggenheim Investments offers clients investment competencies across all major asset classes, including fixed income, equities and alternatives.”

To contact Guggenheim Investments, please call their client service number (800-345-7999) or visit their website (