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sitting in a warm room is of course insisted upon. This

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same time the plain fact still remains that many are con-

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A new feature in this case is the invasion of the newly

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criminal negligence. They should be scrubbed with soap

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lides of the head and face mercurial ointments or oils should be used to

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adults. The patient was then exhibited to the Section. The

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mainly on account of its large size. It was always ob-

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of antipvretics upon the heart and vaso-motor control of the

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passages, — Dr. E. L. Partridge narrated the history of a case

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in commencing atrophy of the optic nerve and retinitis. Word

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It remains now for you to say what shall be done for the future.

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the naso-pharynx above the adhesion. The suture was moved

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centers, or lesions of the labyrinth or middle ear might be the

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the following history : Ten days ago she was struck by her

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7th, 8 A. M. — Tonsils very much swollen, and they and the

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In the nasal passages are just those conditions necessary

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I propose in a few days to appl}' the galvano-cautery to

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vaginal amputation of the uterus was usually by fixation in the

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offered by- a study of the various shapes and sizes of these

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phthisis I have not even mentioned. I have not had any

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blisters, the actual cautery, and compression by flannel band-

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