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pterygoid plexus. The intracranial lymphatics pass out of the
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The use of the antiseptic solution may be left to the
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the brushing or swabbing out of the anterior part of the urethra with a
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and give it directly to the Committee on Publication.
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contains many fibroblasts in late stages of development and
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people by preventing future encroachments of corporations and
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Treatment of Stammering. — " It is said that stanmierers rarely if
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Amid the multitude of reports of cases in which cure
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ter and greater intelligence of the American people as a class.
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Whereas, For many years the medical profession of this country
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tial, but was a good thing to be rid of for both patient and op-
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in the advanced stages of the disease, while, on account of
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place, whether the supra-orbital margin, the root of the nose,
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and in April, 1888, the patient remaining well in the interval,
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and the patient remained in apparent health for periods of many
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pected from the treatment. In fact, one is surprised at the
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vaccination of children, whose mothers had been vaccinated during
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contrivance, which I have called a urethrograph, I have
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Hudson, A., Medical Director. Died February 7th at Mare Island Hos-
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